Man with camera, will shoot video. Like many in my generation I grew up in front of a video camera, and we had access to these tools to tell stories from a young age. What started out as child’s play using the family camera turned into a weekday hobby collaborating with my neighborhood friends to make home movies, and eventually leading me to study video and film production in college.

In addition to my undergraduate degree in Film Studies at Webster University, I have extensive experience in video production and screenwriting.  I’m especially interested in Video Editing, and have taken on projects both in the classroom and for clients using my technical experience with formats and editing that test the limits of what’s possible using video.

No matter what the assignment or it’s goals, I try to take advantage of the medium as a visual storyteller using video and film. Please take a look at a few examples of my work below, and feel free to watch more clips on my favorite video social networks.

School Projects

To promote the DTV transition, my class made this “Doctor’s Orders: Convert Today” video.

Extracurricular Videos

Car Free with Metro was my winning entry into WMATA’s video contest for Car Free Day.

Moving Sale was made to augment my Craigslist posting. I made video ads for each piece of furniture, but they had sold out before I could post the extra videos!

Client Clips

As part of my marketing work for SpaFinder, I created this Robe Tour teaser video for their Deal Days promotion.

Videos about me

This playlist includes videos across YouTube staring me, Matthew Hurst, as it’s subject or host. It’s a welcome change being in front of the camera, since I’m so often found behind the lens.

Social Media Video sites

YouTube Vimeo Flickr

Learn more about how video and social media are used together by reading my blog as well.

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