Car Free with Metro was my winning entry into WMATA’s video contest for Car Free Day.

Moving Sale was made to augment my Craigslist posting. I made video ads for each piece of furniture, but they had sold out before I could post the extra videos!

Professional Writing

SpaFinder Social Media Case Study
LCNCR Strategic Plan
Survey Research Report – Digital Music


Hot Dog Eating Contest shows Consequences of Overeating (July 2010)
How to avoid Heartburn Symptoms
(June 2010)
8 iPhone Apps for Travelers
(May 2010)
CEO speaks at Madison Square Garden (May 2010)
Bad Body Odor and How to Avoid It (April 2010)
Acrylic Bath Resurfacing
(April 2010)
Introducing the SpaFinder iPhone App
(February 2010)
Living Classrooms NCR blog (May 2009)

Sample blog posts

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Permanent Midnight from Matthew Hurst on Vimeo.

Modern Marvel: The Emerging Comics Subculture from Matthew Hurst on Vimeo.


After 6000+ photos have been named, tagged, and uploaded on Flickr, it’s hard to pick my favorite photos. So instead here is a semi-random assortment of pictures considered interesting (by other FlickR users) and most recently posted to Flickr for your perusal.

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