Matt Hurst listening to his iPod's playlistFact: Matthew Hurst listens to music with the ear of a mixologist. I’m always listening for the best songs, not just the latest hits. Sometimes I like to share these through thematic playlists and mixes, which I offer here for your listening pleasure.

You can find more my mixes on 8tracks, or can compare music tastes over time through my account. I also share my latest discoveries on my Tumblr music blog. If you’d like to share some of your favorite music as well, please connect with the music social media networks I use; Lets share an extended play together!

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Every summer since 2006 I’ve compiled a “Summer in the City” mixtape to mark the start of the season. They’ve come in a variety of formats over the years but they always last long enough to fill both sides of a tape deck (about 60 minutes), this year’s version uses Spotify to share my mix.

Every year I make a new version of my “Very Indie Xmas” mixtape, and you can listen to more of my Holiday mixtapes from the last few years here.

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The First Four Years is a mixtape celebrating my four-year anniversary together with Lauren Reid. It’s a playlist of cover songs mostly.

The Way I Feel (When I’m With You) is a mixtape celebrating reunion, graduation, and all the highs and lows of loving someone.

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