Student biography about Matt Hurst

MHurstProfilePicI am an communications professional, recent Graduate student, Twitter enthusiast, Film undergrad, part-time blogger, and a social media savant.

I consider the best way to understand new ideas is to first listen and to try them for yourself. It is critical for anyone interested in communicating new ideas with the world to take on each challenge with a fresh perspective and an open mind. I believe this means embracing the newest channels of communication, and listening carefully to your audience so you can use the appropriate channel of communication with a message which will resonate.

Following graduation from Webster University in Saint Louis, where I earned my BA in Film Studies, I earned my Master’s degree in Public Communication at American University.  I have worked as a consultant with the Department of Commerce for the Digital Television transition, and have been working with educational non-profit Living Classrooms to build their strategic communications plan.  My education was reinforced by my work with New Media Strategies (NMS), a marketing agency specializing in word-of-mouth martketing and brand promotion.

My greatest strength is my hands-on experience using new media. Starting in May 2007 I was the founding editor of the blog, which shares culture and events around the St. Louis metro-area. The website employed the use of social media to integrate with every news story, which allowed our team of writers to connect with our audience outside of our blog. 61 Revised connected with readers on Facebook, Flickr, Last.FM, and of course with other bloggers.  My work as a blogger has become an invaluable working experience as a writer, photographer, and in online marketing which has helped inform my understanding of new media as it continues to develop.

Of course who I am is more than just what I have worked on: many of my job skills were developed through my hobbies. In addition to blogging about my interests I have dabbled in photography, video, documentary film, political campaigns, and music production. I have listened to Beck nearly 5 times as often as the rest of my top 5 combined over the past 5 years.   When I am not on the internet, I have been known to spend my free time in record stores, movie theaters, museums, farmers’ markets, second-hand stores, concerts, and any places where tasty beers are served.

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Public Communications, Online Marketing, and Social Media Strategy