Joining HelpMeSee, the Campaign to End Cataract Blindness

I’m excited to share that I’ll be joining the HelpMeSee as a Social Media Coordinator beginning next week! In this new role I’ll be managing social media with daily updates and engagements to support fundraising for this global health care non-profit organization.

Founded in 2010, HelpMeSee is a global campaign to end cataract blindness, which is the leading cause of preventable blindness worldwide.  Over 20 million people are needlessly blind because of cataracts, and a further 82 million who are visually impaired will eventually go blind because they cannot access treatment. Cataracts can effect people of any age, race, or background, with women disproportionately impacted and less likely to be treated.  Most of the cataract blind live in developing countries, where there is a shortage of cataract surgeons trained to provide sight restoring treatment for the millions of people in need.

Fortunately HelpMeSee is developing a solution- using virtual reality simulators to train the thousands of cataract surgeons needed to fight blindness.  Building on the successful model of using flight simulators to train thousands pilots, HelpMeSee plans to open training centers around the world to teach a low-cost, high-volume surgical procedure which can restore sight to millions of people. Already HelpMeSee has supported over 200,000 cataract surgeries to patients in countries such as India, Nepal, China, Peru, and Madagascar.

The simulator technology HelpMeSee is pioneering is truly revolutionary for medical training- see for yourself in this video:

I’m honored to put my skills and experience to work for such a noble cause, and fully support HelpMeSee’s mission to treat cataract blindness around the world. As I begin this new chapter in my career, I’d like to thank everyone who offered their support, referrals, feedback, and encouragement during my extensive job search.  I would also like to thank Bradley Jobling, a friend I met many years ago through social media who I will be working with at HelpMeSee, for giving me this opportunity to build on my experience managing social media for this startup non-profit.  To learn more about HelpMeSee and to make a donation to help save sight, please visit