Introducing websiteI’d like to introduce, a social media hub to bring together my social media profiles.  Alongside a feed from this website’s blog, this micro-site features my Twitter feed, Flickr photos, LinkedIn Profile, and Tumblr blog.

In addition to, this new site supports my original goal to build my professional reputation, beginning first by securing my personal brand.  Instead of replacing this site as my expertise in online marketing, public communication, and of course social media, seeks to better connect me with my peers who might not want to connect professionally, while still introducing them to my personal interests using online communication.

So far I’ve successfully created into a online resource highlighting my professional insights and knowledge, but to most of those I meet online and in person I’m simply Matt – that guy who is really excited about social media. With this new site I hope this will continue to build my personal brand, not to mention helping out with search queries for “Matt Hurst”.

What do you think of  Please leave a comment, and I’ll try to incorporate your feedback into future redesigns of this blog as well!

Update: So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive

Love the site, man. I miss that robot! – Josh Parolin

New site looks really great Matt, nice job. I’m enjoying discovering your blog posts, esp. one on social vs. civic engagement – Matt

i <3 that robot. i have one too! – Salsus

Nice to meet you – Lone Olive

For those interested in building a similar microsite for themselves, I was able to build the page using using their design and hosting services. Some of my friends have made the move themselves, although credit is deserved to Ishmael Vasquez for leading me in this direction using his own example. Thanks again for all your feedback; please leave a comment with your own thoughts