SpaFinder Robe Tour

As part of my marketing work for SpaFinder, I created this teaser video for their new Deal Days promotion. I held the responsibility of using social media to promote their brand, and another PR agency helped organize this street promotion in which dozens of robe-wearing girls roamed NYC in early March 2010.

While I was stuck behind my computer screen sharing the girls’ whereabouts via social media, another PR rep was busy leading the girls around town and captured the raw video used in the clip. Eventually our path’s crossed outside Union Square (where I was working), and I was able to shoot photos of my own to help promote their event.

Later on we collected their video clips, which I edited into this promo video and shared on the SpaFinder blog. Though we didn’t to finish the follow-up video alluded to in this teaser clip, I’m proud of the work completed during the 10-week online marketing campaign, as well as in a couple more videos I helped shoot and edit for SpaFinder.

Watch the full SpaFinder Robe Tour teaser clip on YouTube, and feel free to leave a comment for my friends at SpaFinder.

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