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A full list of my social media connections is available on DandyID.

Learn more about how I use social media for philanthropy, scheduling, music, photography, location, and video, or check links below to select social media I engage with on a daily basis.


I joined Facebook in November 2006, and haven’t looked back since.  As a member of the Facebook generation, who went to college as Facebook first became established, I’m somewhat of a native to the social network.  In addition to my personal account, I’ve maintained Groups and Pages for clients, including these current pages:


I’ve this social network to connect with like-minded professionals since 2008, and to keep contact with those I’ve worked with: connect with Matthew Hurst on LinkedIn


I’ve been using Twitter since September 2007, and have written extensively about it on this site.  I’ve been responsible for dozens of client accounts over that same time, but here’s a few that I currently maintain for my personal use:


I’ve been using Tumblr since June 2008, and currently contribute to 11 blogs on the social media website, including:

Social Media by the Numbers

To learn more about how I use social media, read my series of posts about measuring social media, including posts about Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and Last.FM

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