Public Policy & Editorial Guidelines

As a communications professional I have a strong interest in a number of key public policy issues, including copyright law and media regulation. And as a long time blogger, I have an invested interest in promoting rights of free expression, including those same rules and regulations which govern my own ability to communicate.

Public Policy

Since I built this site in 2009, media law and policy has been an ongoing topic on the blog, just as it continues to evolve in the public debates. I’ve written extensively about copyright laws and ownership, and share many of my photos under Creative Commons licensing so that others can use my own creative work. I believe media law must change to fit the needs of online distrobution, and that publishers should make their work more readily available rather than policing consumers.

New media not only presents new challenges to copyright and regulation, but also changes how the public engages with the government, so I’ve written about how social media effects civic participation and agenda setting as the media evolve.  What was only theory a few years ago has become the new norm: blogs and social media changes the debate about public policy, everything from health care to foreign relations to electing democratic leaders and even revolutions

Blogging Policy & Disclosure

As a blogger for nearly a decade, I’ve seen the medium shift from personal journaling into mainstream outlets for businesses and news publishers.  My interest in communications began with a belief in increased transparency through blogs and social media, and toward that end I wanted to provide some full disclosure:

The analysis and opinions I share online come from my own experiences and ideas, and are not meant to be representative for or necessarily shared by my employers at Nielsen.

Editorial Policy

As I’ve worked to build my personal brand and professional network through this website, I’ve gained rank in search engines and may have been added to some media lists as a blogger/media contact. Because of this I’m regularly contacted by fellow PRs and online marketers trying to promote their content. But since the blog serves as both my professional and personal website, I often have to explain its purpose and why it may not be an appropriate platform for their stories.  For the sake of transparency, here is my editorial policy for

  • My site serves to help promotes both my professional experience and personal interests.  As such readers of the website and blog can safely assume that all content on the site has been written by me, unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • Because readers expect to read blog posts written by Matthew Hurst, my policy is not to accept guest blog posts.  I would consider guest contributions from writers only when they have specific posts to share which would be of interest to my readers, and if it provides me an opportunity to add input or commentary collaboratively on the topic.
  • This blog will NOT accept paid contributions and will never publish paid links for the purpose of any SEO rankings.
  • My site does not sell display advertising and will not participate in paid giveaways for the marketing purposes of third-parties.
  • I will always disclose any business relationship when it is applicable, and will comply with all FTC guidelines related to marketing/advertising (see my disclosure above).
  • The right to publish blog posts on this site are at the sole discretion of the site’s owner (Matthew Hurst).

I hope this brief explanation makes sense, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this site’s editorial policy.

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