Summer mixtapes

Summer in the City mixtape In celebration of the Summer season, I’d like to share my mixtapes and playlists using music to celebrate the season of long-days, warm-nights, and endless memories. Every year since 2006 I’ve created a mixtape length compilation of songs inspired by the theme “Summer in the City”, which has come in a variety of formats (MP3s, playlists, even tapes) over the years; here’s a few more recent mixes you can listen to:

Summer in the City mixtapes

My 2013 mix of Summer music includes songs by The Who, Daft Punk, Yeasayer, Rodriguez, and The Beach Boys, among many others.

The 2012 Summer in the City mixtape features music by Neon Indian, Lou Reed, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan, and Cake and much more.

My 2011 mixtape has tunes from Chuck Berry, Pavement, Wilco, Harry Nilsson, and The Decemberists, with contributions from many more of my favorite musicians.

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