Lucky 13: my top 13 for 2013

The last year has been a year of memories and milestones for me, from my engagement at the start of the year to the 25th anniversary of my father’s passing at the end.  In between I watched, listened, and learned from countless media during 2013, influencing my daily life and providing inspiration for ideas of my own.  Because I love building lists (and what blogger doesn’t), I wanted to share some of my top moments for 2013, at least from my own media usage and perspective:

My Top Instagram Photos in 2013

My Top Tweets of 2013

My Top 13 Albums of 2013

My Top Facebook moments in 2013

Facebook has a handy feature sharing top stories from users timeline, including my own from 2013.

Favorite smartphone app of 2013

Thinking back to the apps which I use on my phone nearly everyday, the newest entry was Yahoo Weather.  It became my default weather app in early 2013 by adding a new design featuring gorgeous photography of local weather from Flickr, as well as all the info I need at a glance.

Best comeback of 2013: Flickr

As user of Flickr since 2005, no one was happier than me to see Flickr get some much needed updates and additions in 2013.  It’s good to know Marissa Mayer heard the pleas from fans of the social photography site to renew the website, and to add one of the best photo apps on the market for saving and sharing photos.

Most imbibed beer of 2013: Bronx Pale Ale

According to Untappd, a social network I use to share my favorite beers, I drank at least 348 beers in 2013 and 53% were new brews.  Among those new beers Bronx brewery’s Pale Ale was my most imbibed (eight times in 2013), owing to the expansion of their brewery and distribution during the year.  Learn more about my favorite beers on The Brew Noob’s website.

Top 10 websites, online video, and smartphone apps of 2013

During 2013: Google remained the top website, YouTube was the most streamed video source, and Facebook was the most used app on smartphones.  Check the full top 10 lists on Nielsen’s website for more details about the digital brands consumers accessed most in 2013 in their browsers and using smartphones.

My Top 13 most visited websites (according to Google Chrome)

In order of recent usage: Facebook,, Tumblr, Flickr, Hootsuite, The Verge,, Seamless, AllThingsD, Gizmodo, (meta!), Gmail, and Cision.