October’s 10

Matthew Hurst riding on a boat by Lower Manhattan, New York City

In the last month I’ve begun new endeavors, publishing my first major Press Release and attending AdWeek as representative of my new employers. You could say I’m on a roll, so In celebration of 10.10.10 here are the Top 10 ideas shaping my life over the last month.

Blog: Mashable. I read Mashable every day because it is the best source of current news on social media and online marketing, period. When Facebook was down this month I looked to them for the first to explanation of what was happening and why. Ditto on Foursquare and Twitter. It’s become such an obsession of mine a friend recently asked “when did you become the Mashable promoter?”. Thanks to Pete Cashmore and company for giving me something to look forward to reading everyday.

Colleague: Sean Ludwig. I want to recommend Sean because he’s a talented journalist and writer with in-depth knowledge of technology (especially mobile) and experience using social media.

Film: The Social Network. As a Film Studies major and Communications grad, I think I’m qualified to say this film lives up to the hype. Audiences should already be aware that the film is not biographical, and I like it better that way; their writers created dramatic (if oversimplified) characters who would make this film enjoyable to anyone, even if they’ve never used Facebook (including Mr. Sorkin). In other words, Mark Zuckerberg is going to become the Bud Fox of this generation; see this movie and bring a Friend.

Meme: Rally to Restore Sanity. I plan on attending this satirical event, organized by the producers of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, at the end of this month. Establishing once again my own zealousness towards this radically irrelevant television program, I’m looking forward to renewing irony in DC. Hopefully with thousands of other friends of rational discussion.

Music: Plastic Beach by Gorillaz. Over six months of listening to their new album, and I’m still putting this record on repeat. Gorillaz’s subtle melancholy reminiscent of their prior efforts sing in unison glistening pop-hooks stick around in my head for days. Their current touring efforts have brought them to my mind this month, although they haven’t left my rotation since the album dropped.

Social Network: #newTwitter. If I haven’t covered my love of Twitter extensively enough already, Twitter gave me even more reasons to love them with their smart redesign. More importantly for Twitter, it gives social media marketing pros like myself reason to spend more time on their site (instead of any number of Twitter tools I’m using).

Television: Chuck. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of this show, which I only watch through Hulu. I discovered this show back in 2008 using Hulu, and I’ve been hooked ever since, albeit through my own time-shifted schedule. Perhaps I identify with the young, geeky protagonist who is thrust into world-shifting conflict each episode, all while trying to figure out his own identity. Or maybe I just like listening to indie tunes after kung-fu fights and explosions, alongside a smart and funny cats of well-developed supporting characters. Either way, I’ve been eating a lot more Subway sandwiches since the series was canceled and subsequently rebooted through an online campaign.